multiple reports explain the future of the DCEU after At\u0026t decision to merge the company with Discovery, and what this means for the future of DC to be sold to Disney and Marvel Studios parent company given the new details of the merger and the landscape of streaming giants like Amazon, Disney+, Netfix, etc etc

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  1. Lan Lampard

    Lan Lampard19 hours ago

    Will we see Iron Man vs Batman?🤔

  2. Dj Vxrsace

    Dj VxrsaceDay ago

    Sony or Disney should own them

  3. Andrew Jacobsen

    Andrew Jacobsen2 days ago

    Hello there

  4. Javier Logreira

    Javier Logreira3 days ago

    comic giveaway

  5. J Ruiz

    J Ruiz4 days ago

    Wanda is a mutant???

  6. you scare me

    you scare me2 days ago

    Yes. She is the daughter of Magneto

  7. Iron

    Iron5 days ago

    Having the same formula for Marvel but with DC heroes wouldn't be enjoyable

  8. Dark_Files lockemup

    Dark_Files lockemup5 days ago


  9. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer6 days ago

    Why not own it all!

  10. Ethan Chapman

    Ethan Chapman6 days ago

    I hope Disney does NOT BUY DC from WB, I hope they steal it from Warner Bros. It's not a crime because Warner Bros. is a TERRIBLE company who should be arrested for their crimes. If WB is miserable, I will laugh and gloat right in their face.

  11. Hello I am Renzo

    Hello I am Renzo6 days ago

    I would only think of Disney who could do a good job on it. Imagine even eventually bringing them together DCxMarvel

  12. Duane Vogel

    Duane Vogel7 days ago

    THIS is a dream come true ! I want Disney to buy the DC properties from Warner Brothers, because they gave Feige complete creative control. This could be the only way we'd see the DC cinematic universe under Zack Snyder's control! I want to see his vision realized, because he made arguably the best super hero film ever made. The Justice League Snyder Cut is the best superhero film I've ever seen.

  13. Chris Villarreal

    Chris Villarreal8 days ago

    Because DC fans ain’t mad enough already haha


    Jack ANDREEVSKI8 days ago

    PS5 Giveaway please

  15. Jim Bartram

    Jim Bartram9 days ago

    Thanks for the update.

  16. S Ellis

    S Ellis10 days ago

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  17. Ritch Mind Studios

    Ritch Mind Studios10 days ago

    We need a Thor vs Superman movie

  18. Fours

    Fours11 days ago

    It's a terrible idea. DC wouldn't be able to have any more R-rated content, they'd most likely be forced to do a connected cinematic universe instead of doing something unique and different like what they're doing with their multiverse, and the DC Comics would likely be forced to be like the movies. Judging by what Disney and Marvel Studios did to characters like Spider-Man, I wouldn't trust them regardless. DC's fucked up sometimes, I know, but they've done *a lot* of great things in recent years too and a lot of that would be taken away if they were merged with Disney. ...but i guess we'd get marvel vs DC so none of that matters to any of you, does it?

  19. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    The majority of consumers aren't comic book fans. They don't care how the character was written in 1987. They care if Iron Man in Endgame will be enjoyable. Also so fucking weird the fascination with Rated-R DC films. Literally every actually critically successful DC film has been PG-13 including the Nolan Trilogy.

  20. Ryan Razza

    Ryan Razza11 days ago

    “Journalistic fuckery “ …you the man Roman

  21. Manish Mannx

    Manish Mannx12 days ago

    I need that ps5

  22. J.V

    J.V12 days ago

    I don’t want Disney to buy dc because we might not be getting certain movies because it’s too mature for Disney

  23. Chad Brunious

    Chad Brunious12 days ago

    DC universe should in Disney plus

  24. Jake Andrich • 9 years ago

    Jake Andrich • 9 years ago12 days ago

    Just one think, don't make dc too colourful

  25. James Eliason

    James Eliason12 days ago

    A positive

  26. Donald Destiny

    Donald Destiny13 days ago

    To be Honest, I don't mind if warner gets bought by disney, Imagine The good parts about it, Marvel And Dc Crossover Movie, The Biggest Superhero movie of all Time and Biggest Box office. Finally more Looney tunes and Mickey Mouse crossovers or Animaniacs with mickey mouse. more Daffy vs Donald cartoons, Imagine The Harry potter and Looney tunes Rides at Disneyland, Disney will also own Six Flags And imagine the merge within the Streaming, HBO Max and Disney plus, HBO Ultimate. The home for Warner bros and Disney, CN and Turner, Marvel and DC, Hanna-Barbera, FOX, THE CW and HBO of course. Have Fun Beating that, Netflix. And Don't you think disney will just sit on the rabbit and black duck and do nothing with it because even they know they are more Sucsessfull than their own Cartoons. Looney tunes and dc finally can get treated better.

  27. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    @Ray Wilson How is it delusional?

  28. Ray Wilson

    Ray Wilson13 days ago

    Delusion is strong here.

  29. Logan Childs

    Logan Childs13 days ago

    Disney purchase makes the best value!! You can start to do some cross over stuff just for fun. They all follow a basic theme, Super Heros expand into cross overs expand into multiverses, different worlds. Disney needs to bring back the Defenders series, keep it darker, get Green Arrow and some of the lesser known DC characters and follow a similar theme. Arrow season 1 was good, then they got into episodes to do episodes vs building a valid story.

  30. stewart lowe

    stewart lowe13 days ago

    monopoly, wow go Disney


    GAMINGWITHCRASH13 days ago

    I hope that does happen just so we can see a crossover

  32. Mr Aries

    Mr Aries13 days ago


  33. manuel berrios

    manuel berrios13 days ago

    Boom 🤯

  34. Jacoby Jordan

    Jacoby Jordan14 days ago

    Yk I’m not sure if I’m worried or excited because this means other ppl will try to do what they r doing and more creativity eventually, but means when Disney falls, mcu falls, dc falls idk how to feel and think

  35. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Disney is too big to fall

  36. Mr.♏

    Mr.♏14 days ago

    Who would be the DCU showrunner ( the Kevin Fiege)? 🤔

  37. Richard Basile

    Richard Basile14 days ago

    No matter who buys it. They need to put Zack Snyder in charge of the DC universe

  38. The Celtic Bros.

    The Celtic Bros.14 days ago

    Oh god .NOOOO!!! we're gonna get a repeat of josstice league 😭😭😭😭

  39. Marco Trafecante-Lamboy

    Marco Trafecante-Lamboy14 days ago

    I think it would be for the best if Disney really did buy the DCEU

  40. J. Howard Burke

    J. Howard Burke14 days ago

    Does everything always/ Always Have Everything

  41. Manav Khandurie

    Manav Khandurie14 days ago

    Honestly I hope Disney buys DC

  42. Carl Noel

    Carl Noel14 days ago

    It would be crazy, scary, and exciting

  43. mysterious gaming

    mysterious gaming14 days ago


  44. Loutzenheiser

    Loutzenheiser14 days ago

    Journalistic Fookery! I love it!!!!

  45. Samuel Brickman

    Samuel Brickman14 days ago

    I hope DISNEY buys it for Marvel and DC collabs in games and stuff

  46. Steven Blea

    Steven Blea15 days ago

    Seems doubtful and your analysis sort of confirms that. I do hope that someone else picks up the DCEU. Sort of the meh with the inconsistent properties.

  47. Drake Adams

    Drake Adams15 days ago


  48. Fred Lenz

    Fred Lenz15 days ago

    The possibilities are endless if this were to happen. Like every merger/acquisition though, there will be downsides like having less competition etc. However, if we are speaking strictly about the value of entertainment and the convenience of having so much more content on one app, then yes, the pros may outweigh the cons.

  49. 3EvO3

    3EvO315 days ago

    A Comical Monopoly😎

  50. Marcellus wicker

    Marcellus wicker15 days ago

    Deadpool: "I'm BATMAN!"

  51. John Bamford

    John Bamford15 days ago

    Disney would be the best place for DC and imagine all that content on Disney+ for one subscription!

  52. Hebrew Thought

    Hebrew Thought15 days ago

    On the one hand I trust Disney because of what they have done for the MCU and they usually stick close to the source material but on the other hand I was looking for DCU to be a darker counter to MCU. I don’t trust Amazon or apple to do a good job ether.

  53. Gabrielitooo

    Gabrielitooo15 days ago

    only reason I would be okay with Disney buying DC is because i have some confidence that they could establish the DCEU better than Warner ever could and because that way, i wouldnt need to pay a different subscription streaming service to watch DC related stuff anymore 😂

  54. Win1always Mod

    Win1always Mod16 days ago

    They can't screw it up worse then starwars

  55. Nakul Soni

    Nakul Soni16 days ago

    Very nice 👌 👍 👏 😀 ☺ 😊 👌

  56. Jose Bello

    Jose Bello16 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy is to me the best hero movie ever made... this is my opinion! so this is the man for the job!

  57. Jose Bello

    Jose Bello16 days ago

    DC has the potential of making 500 Billion dollars in movie's in 15 year or less if they just put out the right movie's for example: 1# The Doomsday Clock comic 2# Injustice 1&2 3# Tie 10 of each justice League superhero movies together then ended with 1# or 2# or even better make it Erath 2 & Erath 5 then it comes together to bring up a new Erath 7.. I don't know just make a splash in the cinematic universe please! DC 4 Life!

  58. Randall Mabe

    Randall Mabe16 days ago

    Any chance if Disney bought DCEU they would do a crossover for any superheroes or is it more likely they'd keep them as separate universes?

  59. Steven Lefferts

    Steven Lefferts16 days ago

    I think Disney has enough but they would certainly do well with DC. I think WB might go to Amazon but we'll see

  60. Mark Martin

    Mark Martin17 days ago

    Disney be, One company to rule them all.

  61. Billy Midkiff

    Billy Midkiff17 days ago

    As long as they don't do any more origin stories for a few years at least,lol

  62. supernupe3f99

    supernupe3f9917 days ago

    Send it to Paramount and hire James Gunn or Jerry Bruckheimer

  63. John French

    John French17 days ago

    Yeah I wouldn’t want the DCEU under Disney’s umbrella. Its just too much. I think Amazon could definitely be an option. And Kevin Feige could totally help them though.

  64. David Nicholson

    David Nicholson17 days ago


  65. acataurian

    acataurian17 days ago

    Never gonna happen.....I believe it would be a monopoly

  66. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Monopolies aren't illegal

  67. Hassan Sabbah

    Hassan Sabbah17 days ago

    I need that ps5

  68. Axeon VonShadow

    Axeon VonShadow17 days ago

    If Disney buys DC then they can do DC versus marvel movies based on the comics like the almagamverse

  69. Mark Davenport Jr

    Mark Davenport Jr17 days ago

    Yeesh! lol But hey as long the characters etc stay the same as they are then I'm happy. :)

  70. Alan San Perdo

    Alan San Perdo17 days ago

    lets wait and see

  71. Ethan Chapman

    Ethan Chapman17 days ago

    I would be ok with Disney buying DC because Warner Bros. sucks. WB fired Johnny Depp as Grindelwald and not Amber Heard as Mera and they failed at making a DCEU like the MCU. Disney can do what WB cant do, which is make fans happy. Disney, please buy DC so that we can have Snyder Cut sequels that WB are too lazy to give us.

  72. Rorena ?¿?

    Rorena ?¿?17 days ago

    imagine all the dc heros and the marvel heros trying to defeat galactus

  73. Regigie

    Regigie17 days ago

    Netflix will get it all... and I think they will make great films got fans not money

  74. Leland Hand Boy

    Leland Hand Boy17 days ago

    I am Groot

  75. Thomas Alejandro

    Thomas Alejandro17 days ago

    All these details. So Complicated

  76. bruce wayne

    bruce wayne17 days ago

    Cool 😎

  77. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome17 days ago

    Should have bought Disney stock on the dip...

  78. M A Forrest

    M A Forrest17 days ago

    The MCU and the DCEU need to stay separate. I like the "competition" between them. HOWEVER, the DCEU does need it's own Kevin Feige, someone who is more of a visionary and someone who takes their time to introduce the DC characters to movie goers without rushing or trying to force connections. Kevin/Marvel created the cinematic universe template, so DC just needs to copy it and apply it to the DCEU.

  79. Charles Cruz

    Charles Cruz17 days ago

    What would be wrong with Disney owning DC?

  80. Tyler Barber

    Tyler Barber18 days ago

    Hopefully they don't buy dc

  81. Sparrow Song

    Sparrow Song18 days ago

    So is this going to be Disney/Marvels "What If?"... what if Tony Stark became Superman? Yeah, what if Marvel and DC characters crossed over in the multiverse? Too much money to think about without giving me a headache, but..if they had Kevin Feige, they could finally pull DC out of the drain.

  82. Super Dragon1178

    Super Dragon117818 days ago

    I want Disney to buy dc

  83. Atal Patidar

    Atal Patidar18 days ago

    At WB headquarters, meeting of WB, Disney, Amazon and Apple (anyone else who's interested) *Intense debate and curses flying around* Disney be like: Okay STOP. Let's divide guys, I have prior experience of selling properties to different outlets, ask Sony and Paramount. *Intense thinking 😂😂* Amazon: Okay Apple: Okay WB: okayy... I guess... Disney: *to WB* So, I take Batman and Flash, that's final. Whatever else remains distribute among yourselves idiots, I can't waste my time on you. Amazon/Apple/WB: Hey!! *Offended* Disney: I'll give same or more money then the biggest purchaser among them for just those two characters, take it or live it. *Silence* WB:................ (Write what you think goona happen)

  84. Oni Chan

    Oni Chan18 days ago

    Disney is making money 🤑💰

  85. Reinnemann2

    Reinnemann218 days ago

    Disney buying the DCEU would be dumb. You'd want a company like Amazon to buy it so they could put all of their resources into it. Disney has enough characters available to it already to make media for hundreds of years. I mean, would you want Disney to own Paramount too? That way they'd own Star WARS and Star TREK?!

  86. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Paramount would be absolutely idiotic for Disney to buy. While DC or Warner Bros would be amazing for Disney and the consumer. Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, LotR/Hobbit, and HBO content under 1 streaming service. That would be amazing.

  87. liam cairns

    liam cairns18 days ago


  88. kalela suber

    kalela suber18 days ago

    Wow that's freaking

  89. brettsrodz

    brettsrodz18 days ago

    It sure would be interesting to see the DC grow

  90. Joseph Thomas III

    Joseph Thomas III18 days ago

    I love all comic books so if DCEU joined Disney "BRAVO". Let's get that Teen Titans movie done correctly PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  91. FantUm

    FantUm18 days ago

    I don't think Disney could legally have DC as it because that's getting dangerously close to Monopoly territory.

  92. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Nope. Big misconception 1.) Monopolies aren't illegal and 2.) Manga and independent comic publishers have lowered the market share DC and Marvel have by a very large margin. It wouldn't be monopoly to own them.

  93. Silver Gamer

    Silver Gamer18 days ago

    It's bullshit

  94. Whytephoenix

    Whytephoenix18 days ago

    My instinct leans towards Amazon scooping up WM and DC, especially after their acquisition of MGM. I've since been wondering, Man I wonder if its in the realm of possibilities to see Stargates populating a future DCEU. The amount of origin stories alone that could be legitimately introduced kinda nerds me out..

  95. Zaddy

    Zaddy18 days ago

    Marvel is an anomaly. Disney destroys anything it touches.

  96. Zaddy

    Zaddy8 days ago

    @you scare me Pixar and ESPN

  97. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Examples other than Star Wars and live-action remakes?

  98. Noah Puckett

    Noah Puckett19 days ago

    I cant wait to see your theories come through!

  99. Jaira Alvarez

    Jaira Alvarez19 days ago

    Damn that is truly insane. If this does happen then I truly hope they don't ruin it..... Honestly I think either Amazon or Disney would probably do a good job with DC.

  100. Mohit Vijay

    Mohit Vijay19 days ago

    I wish Netflix could do something amazing.. but I don’t think they have the money

  101. Alex Rios

    Alex Rios19 days ago

    I am so looking forward to this deal to become reality!

  102. Gud Choice

    Gud Choice19 days ago

    im here

  103. James Santos

    James Santos19 days ago

    Ok, now this is kinda scary...

  104. Blue Madness

    Blue Madness19 days ago

    All I'm thinking in the back of my head is does this mean the potential for a marvel vs DC live action film

  105. Kevin Noble

    Kevin Noble19 days ago

    P5 👍🏾

  106. Mark Sargent

    Mark Sargent19 days ago


  107. Optimus Pro

    Optimus Pro19 days ago

    Imagine what would happen if there was a combination of DC and Marvel. That would make billions

  108. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    @Optimus Pro Combination and crossovers are 2 different things. You gotta use that brain of yours.

  109. Optimus Pro

    Optimus Pro8 days ago

    @you scare me bro I mean the crossover movie would make billions. You gotta use that brain of yours

  110. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    Marvel and DC already make billions

  111. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith19 days ago

    Disney world do a better job then then Amazon

  112. you scare me

    you scare me8 days ago

    The Boys and Invincible were amazing. I would prefer Disney own DC and Warner Bros but I wouldn't be mad if Amazon acquired them instead.

  113. Gilbert Cortez

    Gilbert Cortez19 days ago

    The Mad House of Mouse

  114. Devon Tobias

    Devon Tobias19 days ago

    Say what could disney make dc better 🤔.