BREAKING CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 ANNOUNCEMENT Marvel Studios Franchise Details Revealed

ISAIAH BRADLEY RETURNS | Official Falcon Winter Soldier Producer Teaser
Wolverine Easter Egg tucked into Episode 3 of the Falcon Winter Soldier, Madipoor, a city mostly associated with X-Men, could be place where we see this character introduced!
Head Writer teases a secret character for episode 5 of Marvel's the Falcon and The Winter soldier on Disney plus... we break down the interview and speculate on the character rumored to be a member of the x-men...
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Featurette added officially by Marvel and Disney Plus

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Plot Leaks, Rumors, Speculation and conjecture that includes Red Hulk and the Thunderbolts set up, possible connections to black widow's post credit scene...Falcon and the Winter Soldier OFFICIAL 2ND TREASER TRAILER "START" release by Marvel Studios for their Disney + investors day meeting, new exclusive footage and reveals.... full easter egg break downs to come...

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  1. Eric Patterson

    Eric Patterson29 days ago

    I am an Army Veteran and deployed to Iraq during the height of the war and I just want to personally thank you for your comments and your support. I love your videos this included.

  2. glen harper

    glen harper13 days ago

    Massive respect to u my friend from the uk 🇬🇧

  3. Tito Monroe

    Tito Monroe15 days ago

    @D'Andre Smith She could be the plot for the second season of the falcon and the winter soldier.

  4. D'Andre Smith

    D'Andre Smith17 days ago

    What do you think of the rumor about Red Skulls daughter?

  5. Saad Nabil

    Saad Nabil21 day ago

    Thanks for the service, soldier!

  6. Tito Monroe

    Tito Monroe21 day ago

    Thank you sir for your work.

  7. Bradley Mitchell

    Bradley Mitchell19 hours ago

    Love it

  8. keanu Potatau

    keanu PotatauDay ago

    Setting up for mutants in the mcu wouldn't make sense to have a captain America to be enhanced better to have a peakhuman as cap

  9. King Onei

    King OneiDay ago

    Sam Wilson is the appropriate person to become captain America

  10. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    Yesssss!!! More Falcon! I mean Captain!

  11. Andrew Jacobsen

    Andrew Jacobsen2 days ago

    Hello there

  12. charlie forkland

    charlie forkland3 days ago

    I like it

  13. Stephen Holmes

    Stephen Holmes3 days ago

    I would like to see a 2nd season

  14. Greene Monkey

    Greene Monkey4 days ago

    Marvel WHAT IF animated series on Disney would be dope

  15. J Ruiz

    J Ruiz4 days ago

    I’m here for the comic.

  16. Leroy Danana

    Leroy Danana4 days ago

    Bro u got a talent

  17. Brian Kowis

    Brian Kowis5 days ago

    Marvel needs to do more series like these. Agents of shield was good, but these news series so far have been amazing.

  18. Hillhouse Homesteading

    Hillhouse Homesteading5 days ago

    It appears that the MCU operates in real time which accounts for the actors aging but also requires legacy characters, that is until a "re-boot".

  19. kaydle50

    kaydle505 days ago

    Definitely interested in another season of Capt America and Winter. Soldier. Thanks

  20. Aden Biggs

    Aden Biggs6 days ago

    P.s. He doesn't need the serum, Hawkeye and Widow held their own, if not too useful against Thsnos directly.

  21. Aden Biggs

    Aden Biggs6 days ago

    I'm interested in how Deadpool will integrate.. Secret Invasion would be great with him in it, if it's not a 'Disney' movie. Any 18 or R rating would make me go see it.

  22. Iron

    Iron6 days ago

    Captain America 4 should be cool

  23. Scott Odom

    Scott Odom6 days ago

    I'm looking forward to Capain America 🇺🇸 4!!! & Thank You for Your comments about our Veteran's!!! As a Army Vet I appreciate it!!!

  24. Dan Harvell

    Dan Harvell7 days ago

    I couldn't even get through the first season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That series bored me to death. I think Marvel squandered a few opportunities with that series.

  25. Martín Palacio.S

    Martín Palacio.S7 days ago

    Seguí con los subtítulos en español por favor, veo todos tus vídeos!!. Saludos desde Argentina !

  26. Patrick Farmer

    Patrick Farmer7 days ago



    Jack ANDREEVSKI8 days ago

    PS5 Giveaway please

  28. sant748

    sant7489 days ago

    If the Wakandans infuse his suit with the same power absorption and reflective utilization of that power property that Black Panther’s suit has they could enhance his power set without needing any super serum.

  29. Paul Jones

    Paul Jones9 days ago

    I would definitely watch another season

  30. Noah Frost

    Noah Frost9 days ago

    Why not Red Skull? He's now free from the Soulstone. So, he's free to wander back to Earth....

  31. Mikepepp2

    Mikepepp29 days ago

    If his suit is vibranium he doesn’t need powers

  32. NawTDog

    NawTDog9 days ago

    There are so many chars available that they don't need to do a 2nd season. Sam is comfortable with being Cap, Bucky is comfortable with his past. I would rather see series introducing new chars to the MCU, and building bonds for them to come together and fight the Big Bad in movies...

  33. NawTDog

    NawTDog9 days ago

    Captain America is my dude!

  34. SpaceKidd 420

    SpaceKidd 42010 days ago

    Nah falcon and the winter soldier sucked

  35. Steven Sheffey

    Steven Sheffey10 days ago

    Completely agree with you. Will be interesting where his story goes next. Maybe to the moon to say hi to Steve.

  36. Carolyn Montgomery

    Carolyn Montgomery10 days ago

    My point of reference:I'm an 80 year old white woman. I am thrilled that Sam becomes Captain America. Been looking forward to this for several years Hope I live long enough to see all these coming films.

  37. Rick Cleveland

    Rick Cleveland10 days ago

    It’s still confusing. Can anyone who is physically fit toss that physics defying shield around? Wyatt Russell tossed it around like a pro both before and after he took the super soldier juice. Plus the head cover made Sam look like Frozone.

  38. ARS ME

    ARS ME11 days ago

    Falcon and the winter soldier was the worst thing from Marvel....Even Ed Norton's Hulk was better.....

  39. ARS ME

    ARS ME11 days ago

    Sam does not suit to be Cap.America....

  40. Rabelingoodstanding

    Rabelingoodstanding11 days ago

    Muman Rider is the epitome of what True hero oh, and Rock lee that is an other true hero.

  41. Franklin Hood

    Franklin Hood12 days ago

    Enjoy your videos. One issue is that Sam is a former pararescue which is a member of the Air Force not Army.

  42. Clarence Collins III

    Clarence Collins III12 days ago

    booo the title in the thumbnail

  43. Ny C

    Ny C12 days ago

    Winter soldier & captain America was a great serious and needed more episodes...on top of a new cap movie

  44. Deven Lind

    Deven Lind13 days ago

    Im really excited for what marvel has coming in the future it looks good

  45. CannaTrooper

    CannaTrooper13 days ago

    Sam is a Pararescue Jumper, “PJ”. That is an air force special operator. Not army. Though they are paratroopers that go to the army airborne school. I’m an Army paratrooper veteran. I like the fact that all the Caps have been paratroopers so far. Seems like a pretty good prerequisite 🦾🪖

  46. glen harper

    glen harper13 days ago

    God I hope they use galactus in the new fantastic four movie we’ve already had two shitty dr.dooms

  47. glen harper

    glen harper13 days ago

    Wow is there anything you don’t know about marvel & DC? Very impressive

  48. Roy Celis

    Roy Celis13 days ago

    His new tech if from wacanda and his wings are made of vibranium and so is the shield. Nothing is getting through that.

  49. George Jones

    George Jones13 days ago

    I was wondering where that amazing background music was from? It's so perfect for this, great job with it!

  50. Brion Jacobs

    Brion Jacobs13 days ago

    I'm super excited for what's gonna come next for Sam Wilson ! !! Can't wait for what's in store for phase 4


    GAMINGWITHCRASH13 days ago



    ALIBABA13 days ago

    I really want to win :)

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  54. Johnny 5alive

    Johnny 5alive13 days ago

    Awesome video

  55. Pamela pollitt

    Pamela pollitt13 days ago

    I hope they bring back series

  56. K.C. Stephens

    K.C. Stephens14 days ago


  57. Mr.♏

    Mr.♏14 days ago

    I am VERY interested in the "Secret War" theme-line, since everything seems to be focused on the more "magical/multiverse" side of stuff. But overall I love & envy Kevin Fiege showrunner abilities👍🏿

  58. Vince Reyes

    Vince Reyes14 days ago

    I liked the chemistry between Bucky and Sam in the series - they can build on that they have more in common then they thought

  59. William Nelson

    William Nelson14 days ago

    Rumors of the New Avengers and Midnight Sons has me pumped.

  60. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah14 days ago

    He'll yeah marvel rocks and gotta love that ps5

  61. Marcus Lyons

    Marcus Lyons14 days ago

    Not taking the super soldier is silly! You can never have too much power! Which one of us fans would not take the serum if it were real and especially if it were safe.

  62. Shirley Peters

    Shirley Peters14 days ago

    I would have liked to see more seasons. Marvel Fan.

  63. Steven Blea

    Steven Blea15 days ago

    I wonder if he will finally manage to take care of the Frenchman in CA4. He's nowhere near main villain material, but he's still out there.

  64. Trevin Jones

    Trevin Jones15 days ago

    Can't wait for the next Captain America movie!

  65. blazer 4.0

    blazer 4.015 days ago

    Love it

  66. Richard Basile

    Richard Basile15 days ago

    I think another season of the show would be better but I’m still excited for a movie

  67. Tiagames

    Tiagames15 days ago

    I’m subd

  68. Eric Bunker

    Eric Bunker16 days ago

    Sam Wilson was an Air Force veteran. Pararescue, the USAF's special forces contribution. I've worked with PJ's in a helicopter rescue unit. I tell folks to think of them as Rambo with a first aid kit. They are trained on weapons and tactics so they can go in and extract downed pilots, who are often wounded. So they're also trained in emergency medicine. EMT/Paramedic levels.

  69. Jeremy Thigthen

    Jeremy Thigthen17 days ago

    Thank you for the video


    UNABO MATENGE17 days ago

    nice ....

  71. Hassan Sabbah

    Hassan Sabbah17 days ago

    I need that ps5

  72. David Bernstein

    David Bernstein17 days ago

    We know that the super soldier serum not only made Steve stronger and faster but less vulnerable to pain and injury and able to heal faster. Sam may have an amazing skill set but when battling super powered villains, I can’t help but think that the super soldier serum would put him in a better place.

  73. Regigie

    Regigie17 days ago

    Why can't he be a lost son of wakanda... and his new gadgets activated is special powers

  74. B Aggie

    B Aggie17 days ago

    This is another well thought out video and I really appreciate your attention to detail!

  75. bruce wayne

    bruce wayne17 days ago

    Cool 😎

  76. Robert Nickerson

    Robert Nickerson18 days ago

    I wouldn't mind seeing a second series of the Falcon and the Winter Solider. Wait it won't be called that anymore. Would it be called Captain America and the White Wolf, or will it be called Captain America and Nomad. Would they face up against the Thunderbolt's?, the Dark Avengers?, or a new villain group?

  77. whendovescry2000

    whendovescry200018 days ago

    Hmmmm...Iron Man doesn't have any powers

  78. B G

    B G18 days ago


  79. Jayson Goodwin

    Jayson Goodwin18 days ago

    I hope they make a Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2. 🙏 Also I really enjoyed Bucky's story arch.

  80. Michael Bain

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  81. Ravenel Johnson

    Ravenel Johnson18 days ago

    I would imagine his suit has the weave T'challa had

  82. sebom kim

    sebom kim19 days ago

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    Corey Lyons19 days ago

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  86. CJ

    CJ19 days ago

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    tobiloba adetunbi20 days ago

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  88. Jacob Wolf

    Jacob Wolf20 days ago

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  89. Ovie s

    Ovie s20 days ago

    great job breaking it down.

  90. Roger Williams

    Roger Williams20 days ago

    Is this really happening ?

  91. KenStraight1

    KenStraight120 days ago

    I would love to see more then one season of falcon and winter soldier they did a great job of this season.

  92. Travis Webster

    Travis Webster20 days ago

    Sam Wilson captain amaerica? Oh yeah I can't wait to see more

  93. Angie Vanderburg

    Angie Vanderburg21 day ago

    I just want more winter soldier

  94. Saad Nabil

    Saad Nabil21 day ago

    So the thumbnail says Marvel Studios' Captain America: Rising To A Legacy! Will this movie end the cancel culture, woke, and SJW?

  95. Michael Andrews

    Michael Andrews21 day ago

    I was in too. Operation Enduring Freedom. Thank you. But make no mistake. We are not at war. We are asleep while "leaders of the world" use us to their ends. If you truly love heroes then please wake up. We all need one now.

  96. Justin Wood

    Justin Wood21 day ago

    Another great video!

  97. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez21 day ago

    awesome video man really enjoy it

  98. Art Labs

    Art Labs21 day ago

    Sam will be a good Capt

  99. NightRider 131

    NightRider 13121 day ago

    It's pretty cool how Sam doesn't need a serum.

  100. Andile Magnificent Mkhize

    Andile Magnificent Mkhize21 day ago

    I get why he wont but I still think he should.

  101. Tito Monroe

    Tito Monroe21 day ago

    Im looking forward to see how this unfolds. The MCU is about to become huge with powerful battles. The end game is just the beginning. Can't wait.

  102. Mr Ghosting

    Mr Ghosting22 days ago

    They could go partially the way of comics. Eventually Sam get injured to the point they have to give him the super soldier serum. I believe he gets blood transfusion

  103. Dereck Addie

    Dereck Addie22 days ago

    Looks good.

  104. Schumpa

    Schumpa22 days ago

    Me and my daughter love watching and listening to you're channel. We've had a rough year n a half but we have a old phone for wifi so we don't miss your videos. Thank you for your time in making these videos they help us get by and forget b I it the bad things that have happened. God bless

  105. Dwain Morris

    Dwain Morris22 days ago