BREAKING! NAMOR CAST IN THE MCU Marvel Studios Black Panther 2 Villain

BREAKING! NAMOR CAST IN THE MCU Marvel Studios Black Panther 2 Villain
MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE REVEAL OFFICIAL TRAILER Fantastic Four, Black Panther 2, Eternals First Look

The entire MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE all trailers footage and new series announcements for disney plus, all footage shown at the Disney Investors Day meeting. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege reveals all new titles and talks about the upcoming marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies and disney + shows....

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    Great video!

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    🤬🤬🤬That’s Luke Evans in the picture, I was excited..clickbait, never again, you’re blocked!

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    I’m excited for what all is to come!

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    Love your work Michael...keep going!

  6. Robert Earl Williams Jr.

    Robert Earl Williams Jr.10 hours ago

    I can't wait to see Namor The Submariner in the MCU. I have reprints of him against the FF Daredevil, The Thing, The Hulk and his Supetvillian Team-Up with Dr Doom. This is going to be great! Excelsior, bitches!! 🤘🏿

  7. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome15 hours ago

    Namor! It's about time! Namor=Roman

  8. Michael Dewey

    Michael Dewey16 hours ago

    Been waiting for SubMariner for some time...

  9. ninebones1

    ninebones116 hours ago

    namor is not the villain of this movie. i am very disappointed in this nonsense. Namor has never been a villain. if anything hes just an antihero. yall should know that. you should also know that Attuma is going to be the villain. please stop throwing out misdirects.

  10. Jose Galindo

    Jose Galindo17 hours ago

    Tenoch Huerta is mostly known for Narcos: Mexico.. Rafael Caro Quintero 👌🏽 he nailed that role.

  11. Rubixpress

    Rubixpress17 hours ago

    Namur isn’t as old as atlantis, how could he appear in the ancient eternals in Atlantis before it sank?

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    Love it

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    Awesome information and film preview medium. Keep up the great job

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    Black panther will be part of the MCU with Namur

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    Thanks for the info..wonder when the Namor movie will be out and how they would sum up his story and the story of his people

  16. Lee Aochamub

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    Long live chad

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    The wait is finally over, damn.

  18. Vaughn Belak

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    Terrible casting. Oh well.

  19. Big Fro Studios

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    If this is true Prince Namor has been way over due for his debut on the Marvel Films.. He actually should’ve came first before Aquaman on DC.. but again if this is true it should be an Explosive way to insert Namor on Film and allow him to make his way through the Marvel film universe..

  20. Richard Basile

    Richard BasileDay ago

    Yes! The Sub-Mariner!

  21. Josh Williams

    Josh WilliamsDay ago

    I know this going to probably upset some marvel fans because I dont read the comics but Idk who neymore is but so far by the thumbnail I'm already interested

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    I cant wait. LIT🔥🔥🔥

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    Cool been waiting for Namor.

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    So glad the character NAMOR is going to be in this one

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    Namor is a tough character to get right. God, I hope they do it right!

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    I hope they stick with the original material!

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    Great content, keep it going!!

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    If the mexican actor is Namor then where did the picture of the better fit come from on your main page for this video ? Makes no sense dude .

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    Wakanda forever

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    can't wait for the new Pantera negra

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    Cool stuff!

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    Home part 2 pays respect to Boseman. Wakanda forever!!

  37. Thomas Alejandro

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    Namor is going to be great villain

  38. Jamie Broun

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    Terrible choice for Namor

  39. Brentsfriend

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    TOP TEN MOVIES OF THE GREAT RESET 2021 1. Godzilla vs. Kong 2. Zack Snyder's Justice League

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    Brentsfriend2 days ago

    FLOPS OF THE GREAT RESET 2021 1. He-Man by Kevin Smith (Teela) 2. Loki 3. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 4. WandVision

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  42. Chris Crow

    Chris Crow2 days ago

    I think it’s awesome that they took the opportunity to cast a person of color in the role of a fantasy race of Atlantans. No one would have balked at Namor being white, but with the vast majority of marvel IP being white characters it’s is cool that they’re creating more space at the table.

  43. Christopher Ward

    Christopher Ward2 days ago

    Really surprised Namor will be in both movies, especially Wakanda Forever

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    PS5 Please. Lol

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    Good channel

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    Did they finally cast Richard Egan?

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    right on

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    Puny Namor! Hulk is Strongest there is!!!!

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    So who is going to be the black panther

  50. Phill Habel

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    I nothing about him.........but I will probably start watching him a little more because that's what I do when I find out someone new joins the MCU.

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    This new twist is very deep. I love this

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    So ready for Namor!!!

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    It’s been almost a year since chadwick’s unfortunate passing. RIP a great actor. But it’ll be interesting to see Namor on screen

  57. jason Gabriel

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    Dam, chadwick i really want him back..r.i.p

  58. R. Neico

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    I'm super excited for black panther 2

  59. Kevin Anderson

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    Finally they are putting Namor on the big screen. The Sub Mariner was my favorite when I was a child with the wings on his ankles. I'm excited to see the movie.

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    I wanted Henry golding I felt he would be a good namor

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    This movie is the best one ever and it’s so funny and exciting

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    If Namor is cast then Dr Doom arc should be created too

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    so danm right

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    I miss Chadwick Boseman

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    Chadwick was perfect, and honestly I have no idea how they're going to move forward. Even with glimpses of future content, it's still so hollow without Chadwick. I just hope it does, that everything comes together. It's going to be a heart wrenching movie to watch.

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    So do you think this is going to break into a series or a movie for the agents of Atlantis?

  77. Ryuujin1078

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    In that video thumbnail it looked like Luke Evans for the Alienist, a great cast for Namor. But this other guy, I just don’t see it at all man.

  78. John Poe

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    I really hope he doesn't get cancelled and that we actually get to see Atlantis fight Wakanda

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    I’m looking forward 2 part of Black Panther

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    Man to bad the real black panther die he was awesome hope this 2nd is good...go black panther..

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    Not sure who this actor is but I trust them

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    Thank you for the updates. I appreciate it.

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    They got my man Count Dracula to play namor NICE

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    Namor vs. whom?

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    Huge fan of Namor. I just hope they keep his "royal" attitude

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    Chadwick... :(

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