LOKI EPISODE 1&2 INITIAL REACTION Marvel Disney Plus Early Reaction

LOKI EPISODE 1\u00262 INITIAL REACTION (no spoilers)
Official Review will be posted on June 8th.


  1. Christopher Calado

    Christopher CaladoHour ago

    Do more vids of your face bro! Mor personalized!

  2. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer6 hours ago

    Interesting change of pace

  3. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome14 hours ago

    Did I miss the 2nd episode?!

  4. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome14 hours ago

    I agree. Great format here!

  5. B T

    B T14 hours ago

    Yo this had to be your best episode 😂 the ending tho 🤦🏾😂😂 big fan keep up the good work

  6. Michael Hendrickson

    Michael Hendrickson20 hours ago

    Thank you for all of these. This is so awesome

  7. greta paino

    greta painoDay ago

    can’t waiiitttt

  8. Richard Basile

    Richard BasileDay ago

    Love what you do, man

  9. Four feathers

    Four feathersDay ago


  10. Andrew Jacobsen

    Andrew Jacobsen2 days ago

    Hello There

  11. Dylan Reese

    Dylan Reese2 days ago

    So excited to finally se your face!!!!!! First time for me

  12. Sounds of Nature

    Sounds of Nature2 days ago

    "This is why I am NOT on video everyday". "What's going on guys"

  13. Javier Logreira

    Javier Logreira3 days ago

    comic giveaway

  14. Justice4000

    Justice40003 days ago

    Loki always

  15. Justice4000

    Justice40003 days ago

    Loki always

  16. Casey Walton

    Casey Walton3 days ago

    Off to a great start with Loki!

  17. John Poe

    John Poe3 days ago

    I can't wait to see the second episode after seeing how good the first was!

  18. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    Lol I can't wait to see it just based on your reaction.

  19. Alex Rios

    Alex Rios3 days ago

    i am so thrilled to see more adventures with my favorite marvel characters!

  20. Genesis Kayle

    Genesis Kayle3 days ago

    It’s awesome that you get early access. I’m excited for episode 2!

  21. J Ruiz

    J Ruiz4 days ago


  22. FunTastic UniVerse

    FunTastic UniVerse4 days ago


  23. Justin Dobler

    Justin Dobler4 days ago

    Send me episode two bruh..or friends off..😏

  24. Ginger Sky

    Ginger Sky4 days ago

    This was so mind bendy and mind blowing

  25. MrBwyatt1

    MrBwyatt14 days ago

    Thanks for the update!

  26. luis sandoval

    luis sandoval4 days ago

    I loved it!

  27. Nishad K

    Nishad K5 days ago

  28. Tim Riley

    Tim Riley5 days ago

    Loki series is amazing so far, "I wanna win Comic book, don't get me wrong both would be better."

  29. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu5 days ago

    Wanna see Loki's mischievous act.

  30. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu5 days ago

    Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston gonna have a good combo in loki series.

  31. Peter Monsour

    Peter Monsour5 days ago

    Love this

  32. Dark_Files lockemup

    Dark_Files lockemup5 days ago


  33. Dee Dane

    Dee Dane5 days ago

    Loki is great. Can’t see what kind of trouble he gets in!

  34. Tammy Frazier

    Tammy Frazier5 days ago

    Nice to put a face with the voice 👌 🤗✌

  35. Tarun Suthar

    Tarun Suthar6 days ago

    I just saw first episode of loki cant say how excited i am for whole series.

  36. aldo reyes

    aldo reyes6 days ago

    So jelly.

  37. Joe Bartolone

    Joe Bartolone6 days ago

    Im really excited for the future of the mcu

  38. Tha Weeb Bonez

    Tha Weeb Bonez6 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston was great in Loki🔥

  39. EZ PZ

    EZ PZ6 days ago


  40. Loutzenheiser

    Loutzenheiser6 days ago

    can't wait to watch this thing tonight!

  41. Simon Debono

    Simon Debono7 days ago

    “Let’s do get help”

  42. Megan Hude

    Megan Hude7 days ago

    Squuuueeeehhhhh! 😁

  43. Christian De La Cruz

    Christian De La Cruz7 days ago

    Dope they let you watch early

  44. Dimitry Louis

    Dimitry Louis7 days ago

    They said they put Episode 1&2 but on Disney+ I see only Episode 1… Can you tell me where can I look Loki Episode 2 please?!!

  45. granville454

    granville4547 days ago

    Can't can't to see the episode myself!!

  46. Jose Flores Jr.

    Jose Flores Jr.7 days ago

    Happy for you that you got to see it. You deserve it! I'm about to see it myself.

  47. Walter Calixto

    Walter Calixto7 days ago

    Heyyyy, you're in my town!! Las Vegas

  48. Robert Wissmann

    Robert Wissmann7 days ago

    I heard it’s a great first episode and explains a lot too!

  49. Benjie Ortiz

    Benjie Ortiz7 days ago

    I'm digging loki so far!

  50. Anthony Romeo

    Anthony Romeo7 days ago

    LETS GOOOOO!!! These Marvel series are all unique but have been home runs so far!!

  51. brandon hubbard

    brandon hubbard7 days ago

    😱 I like it Mike Mike. This was a nice way to see your face

  52. T Malin

    T Malin7 days ago

    So excited.

  53. Dom Mayes

    Dom Mayes7 days ago

    The show started strong. Looking forward to what comes next!

  54. mutungi edmund

    mutungi edmund7 days ago

    I Loved Watching Loki season 1 Episode 1 on Disney plus

  55. Juice Dropp

    Juice Dropp8 days ago

    the first episode was incredible

  56. Philthy Tanks

    Philthy Tanks8 days ago

    Can’t wait for Loki!

  57. Chris Villarreal

    Chris Villarreal8 days ago


  58. Gunzell Cleveland

    Gunzell Cleveland8 days ago

    Let's GOOOOOO!!!! I had no idea what you looked like before this

  59. Jacob Keller

    Jacob Keller8 days ago

    Love the blooper at the end

  60. Jack Walker

    Jack Walker8 days ago

    The first 2 episodes huh here in Australia it only shows the first episode wierd but yeah I'm hooked on Loki

  61. Joseph Hodges

    Joseph Hodges8 days ago

    Get ready for awesomeness


    RUBIK's CRAZERS8 days ago

    When will 2nd episode release

  63. Jeromy Mendoza

    Jeromy Mendoza8 days ago

    I missed this video when it was released

  64. Eian Blosch

    Eian Blosch8 days ago

    How has people watched this already?

  65. josephwehb626

    josephwehb6268 days ago

    I’m stokedddddd!

  66. Brody Jones

    Brody Jones8 days ago

    The face behind the voice!

  67. englandmp152

    englandmp1528 days ago

    Great update Michael!

  68. Max

    Max8 days ago

    I love how the subtitles called wandavision “Juan division”

  69. damien Mendoza

    damien Mendoza8 days ago

    I've done my best too keep your face Anonymous to me liked the voice and thinking what you'd look like

  70. damien Mendoza

    damien Mendoza8 days ago


  71. michael stamm

    michael stamm8 days ago

    So glad you had the opportunity. Jealous>


    Jack ANDREEVSKI8 days ago

    PS5 Giveaway I MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Fredo Valcoz

    Fredo Valcoz8 days ago

    Dude give us a chance to watch it JEEEZ

  74. mike sullivan

    mike sullivan8 days ago

    I know this voice but can't put a face on it!? U did the mr.sundaymovies mystery and ruined it like he did lol. Love it bro. 😀 do more of these!

  75. SlimJim • 23 years ago

    SlimJim • 23 years ago8 days ago

    You look like someone i would smoke weed and talk about comics with

  76. Glitch

    Glitch8 days ago

    I have a theory. I think that the Loki that we will be watching during the Loki series, could possibly be the Loki that we see die in Infinity War. It might be that sacrificing himself during Infinity War is what he needs to do "fix" a lot of what he messed up. I would not doubt if OUR Loki is actually still alive, and might possibly show up in Thor 4: Love and Thunder. And, judging by his 2 previous "deaths", I wouldn't put it past him to show back up.

  77. reviewnepal

    reviewnepal8 days ago

    wow great theory love it

  78. Spencer Reed

    Spencer Reed8 days ago

    This was weird, but not bad. Lol, also I'm ridiculously excited for this show, it looks amazing

  79. Mr Kaji

    Mr Kaji8 days ago

    PS5 give away I’m really desperate

  80. Austin Sawyer

    Austin Sawyer8 days ago

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear

  81. Esteban Marquez

    Esteban Marquez8 days ago

    you lucky dogggg

  82. Greg Testa

    Greg Testa8 days ago

    i love the ending!

  83. Markel Limbacker Jr

    Markel Limbacker Jr8 days ago


  84. Markel Limbacker Jr

    Markel Limbacker Jr8 days ago

    You have me on the edge of my seat!!!!!

  85. andrzejcelinski1

    andrzejcelinski18 days ago

    Soooooo excited to watch first episode!!!

  86. Barry Breit

    Barry Breit8 days ago

    Can't wait for this!

  87. Samuel Emmer

    Samuel Emmer8 days ago

    Super hyped

  88. Subhajeet Chakraborty

    Subhajeet Chakraborty8 days ago

    The intro with the Face , felt really fresh vibes haha


    MARVEL Being MARVELOUS8 days ago

    Pls more face cam videos🙏🏻

  90. Jeremy Stevens

    Jeremy Stevens8 days ago

    I am really excited about this too.

  91. Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan8 days ago

    Awesome job man always love the content, along with the delivery. Keep up the good work…only when you love something like this it’s never work it’s all joy. Anyway keep doing what you do and I’ll keep watching.

  92. Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez8 days ago

    I am really excited to watch this show. I love the Marvel TV productions so far. I think they are really changing story telling and expanding the cinematic universe in a really cool way.

  93. Dank's Delightful Gaming

    Dank's Delightful Gaming8 days ago

    All this time I think this is the first time I've actually seen what you look like... It's the first time a USloftrs voice matched the face for me lol love the videos

  94. Fabion Hewitt

    Fabion Hewitt8 days ago

    Finally see what you looking like now

  95. Phil The Great

    Phil The Great9 days ago

    Lol... Thanks for the heads up. Good luck on the new music. Can't wait to listen.

  96. GAV

    GAV9 days ago

    So this is what you look like

  97. Bpoetry

    Bpoetry9 days ago

    He has a face ...lol... Thanks for sharing the excitement...looking forward to the show

  98. Guntas Singh

    Guntas Singh9 days ago

    I love this video style

  99. Marvelous Visionaries

    Marvelous Visionaries9 days ago

    I’m gonna be honest it WILD AF to see your face and hear your voice simultaneously 😂😂

  100. Green Garrett420

    Green Garrett4209 days ago

    Lol i liked the blooper at the end

  101. Christopher Hudson

    Christopher Hudson9 days ago