LOKI EPISODE 1 EASTER EGG BREAKDOWN Avengers Secret Wars, Dr Doom, Spider-Man 2099

LOKI EPISODE 1 EASTER EGG BREAKDOWN Avengers Secret Wars, Dr Doom, Spider-Man 2099, ETERNALS, Avengers Endgame, Infinity War, What If, spider-man no way home
All easter eggs, ending explained, and major breakdown and recap of the entire Disney Plus Marvel Series LOKI... episode 2 watch party, trailer, and breakdown next week
NEW LOKI SCENE | Fantastic Four Villain Revealed
LOKI SNEAK PEAK Marvel Studios Disney Plus Exclusive Clip
BLACK WIDOW SNEAK PBLACK WIDOW SNEAK PEAK new exclusive mtv footage from the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel Studios Avengers Solo Film


The entire MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE all trailers footage and new series announcements for disney plus, all footage shown at the Disney Investors Day meeting. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege reveals all new titles and talks about the upcoming marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies and disney + shows....

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  1. Aliza Gardin

    Aliza Gardin10 minutes ago

    Loki is so amazing! It really is so deep and nendkznsjsms I just love it!

  2. FoolioShid

    FoolioShid3 hours ago

    Love the vids!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Richard Basile

    Richard Basile6 hours ago

    Who would have thought Loki’s real purpose is to bring people together

  4. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer7 hours ago

    Owen killed it with Tom!

  5. noblejun

    noblejun10 hours ago

    Loki is GOATED

  6. DNA’s Demorrisous Gunter

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  7. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome15 hours ago

    Great 1st episode! Finally!!!!!!

  8. Jax The Max

    Jax The Max18 hours ago

    Love these videos. Keep it up

  9. William Carter

    William Carter18 hours ago

    Free will is not a function of 'divergent' choices. Those choices were not predictable because they are a function of a higher order system, and thus can't be explained using the lesser system. Those choices are ultimately meant to happen. Free will is simply being able to act as one intends to, within the many physical and mental restraints we have. All you need to ask is why you want to do what you want to do...the answer is because you had to. There is no decision maker behind the decision maker! 😂

  10. RaphaellaPaintistry

    RaphaellaPaintistry18 hours ago

    Omg! That moment when he pulled his ticket out of his pocket! I laughed out loud!

  11. William Carter

    William Carter18 hours ago

    Definitely one of the most epic shows so far! The quality just keeps coming. Anyone else just wanting female loki?

  12. Navablacqe1987

    Navablacqe198721 hour ago

    Awesome show so far

  13. wmoreland06

    wmoreland06Day ago

    Loki is amazing

  14. Eduardo Zaragoza

    Eduardo ZaragozaDay ago

    Loki is the best marvel show and im 1 episode in

  15. Jaden

    JadenDay ago

    love this show

  16. Conner Sims

    Conner SimsDay ago

    Can’t wait for episode two! Only in like 12 minutes!

  17. Lionel Perales Jr

    Lionel Perales JrDay ago

    Need that comic

  18. Multi-Aliens Universe

    Multi-Aliens UniverseDay ago

    I think it would have cool if Loki grabbed each one of the Infinity Stones before the cart was destroyed. Loki just needs to find the paper weight Mind Stone. Then when he's not in the Null Time Zone, he uses the Stones to get away from the TVA.

  19. Matthew Stone

    Matthew StoneDay ago

    I love Owen Wilson in the MCU! 😂

  20. José Quezada

    José QuezadaDay ago

    This episode was just awesome I can’t wait for the next one

  21. Guillermo Mariscal

    Guillermo MariscalDay ago

    Disney needs to start selling some tinted crystal infinity stones to be used as paperweights. You know, for all that paper we have around these days.

  22. Gary Woods

    Gary WoodsDay ago

    Love Loki so much.

  23. Evelyn Pichardo

    Evelyn PichardoDay ago

    Cool video

  24. Jason Bradshaw

    Jason BradshawDay ago

    Absolutely loved this first episode can't wait to see more!!!

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  26. RuffTV Live

    RuffTV Live2 days ago

    So excited for the next episodes...written so well....BL3SS

  27. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu2 days ago

    We are gonna see multiple Loki's in loki. Loki is the hero and loki is the villain. Loki series is gonna be sick.

  28. Todd Anderson

    Todd Anderson2 days ago

    i just loved the scene where loki searches for his ticket

  29. shawn deena

    shawn deena2 days ago

    good breakdown, now get me that pS5 and that avengers comic

  30. lupeezy813

    lupeezy8132 days ago

    Why didn’t the avengers go back and grab a different variant of black widow

  31. Charles Henry

    Charles Henry2 days ago

    This is really good.

  32. ian tembo

    ian tembo2 days ago

    I still deny that Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a good entry for MCU! Among the series, it's the weakest.

  33. Darrin Fi

    Darrin Fi2 days ago

    This show is gonna be a wild ride!

  34. graybeard the wyze

    graybeard the wyze2 days ago

    First episode Loki is the best

  35. granville454

    granville4542 days ago

    Episode 1 was crazy good!

  36. steve c

    steve c2 days ago

    I'm excited to see the whole series

  37. Austin1298

    Austin12982 days ago

    I loved this episode and I really hope they tie this show into spider man/doctor strange

  38. Cheeta_75

    Cheeta_752 days ago

    Loki and Mobius is the buddy comedy I always wanted.

  39. Chris M.

    Chris M.2 days ago

    Great breakdown!

  40. Sean Boyer

    Sean Boyer2 days ago

    Can we agree that Loki is basic ally setting up G or for Thor:L&T?

  41. Fletcher Ross

    Fletcher Ross2 days ago

    New Zealand

  42. Selena Navarro

    Selena Navarro2 days ago

    Ooo that's comic book !!

  43. Tanner Mohlis

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    First episode of Loki was fire

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    i really wanna get the ps5 so i can become a twitch streamer to make a safe space for people

  47. Tierre Pettigrew

    Tierre Pettigrew2 days ago

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    John Flora2 days ago

    BTW, just take a number.....

  49. Nik Hamilton

    Nik Hamilton2 days ago

    Such a good show even with just this 1st episode.

  50. Jordan Odess

    Jordan Odess2 days ago

    I can’t wait til episode 2

  51. Captain Dragon Slayer King

    Captain Dragon Slayer King2 days ago

    That is so crazy but insane and they basically confirmed the Multiverse

  52. Kyle Sergeant

    Kyle Sergeant2 days ago

    I loved seeing his reaction to fact that he caused his mother’s death! This series is going to be filled with incredible moments!

  53. RanDUMB Facts

    RanDUMB Facts2 days ago

    Why wouldn't Thanos just invade the T.V.A an take multiples of the stones from there..I'm sure it wouldn't been simpler than fighting the avengers

  54. Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris

    Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris2 days ago

    I just want more information on the cross just sitting there unobtrusively under a drawerful of infinity stones.

  55. Shithan Ghosh

    Shithan Ghosh3 days ago

    I want Spider-Man 2099 in No Way Home

  56. Samuel Thomas

    Samuel Thomas3 days ago

    I need to watch again. Fell asleep the last 10 minutes. It was 1 AM and I was tired. I hope that was it.

  57. Robert Ward

    Robert Ward3 days ago

    Could you bring the stones back into the timeline and have them work again?

  58. Brayden

    Brayden3 days ago

    Tom is just such an incredible actor. Watching him realize that his understanding of power was meaningless... excellent

  59. David Leamy

    David Leamy3 days ago

    this is going to be a cool show!

  60. Christopher Varnum

    Christopher Varnum3 days ago

    I was so excited for this show from the moment they announced it and it was even better than I could have imagined.

  61. DamonGamingHD

    DamonGamingHD3 days ago

    Wo thare are that many Easter eggs

  62. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Marvel's Loki head writer confirms a unexpected cameo. Eagerly waiting. But not ready for mephisto😫😭🤭

  63. Allen Dean

    Allen Dean3 days ago

    The TVA offices gave me a Beetlejuice waiting room vibe....

  64. Chris Renzella

    Chris Renzella3 days ago

    Really excited for the rest of the season

  65. Mark Shine

    Mark Shine3 days ago

    Does it mean when Black Widow comes out will mess up the mcu time line

  66. Doug Jones

    Doug Jones3 days ago

    Loki for prez

  67. Marianne Ruiz

    Marianne Ruiz3 days ago

    I’m soo excited for this series! The first episode was so good! 💚



    At the beginning sequence (2012), did anyone notice Ant-Man kick there case to Clint/Hawkeye? Ant-Man had not been introduced into the MCU at that time. Scott didn’t become Ant-Man until 2015 and wasn’t introduced to The Avengers until CIVIL WARS (2016). Anyone car to offer any thoughts or insights on this error?

  69. sciencebrqs Marvel

    sciencebrqs Marvel3 days ago

    This episode was so awesome and hilarious

  70. sdot

    sdot3 days ago

    Please get a ticket!

  71. Force Wars

    Force Wars3 days ago

    Can't wait to see hulk vs the thing

  72. josh williams

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    Everything Always needs 1 mil subs people

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    Javier Logreira3 days ago

    comic giveaway

  75. Justice4000

    Justice40003 days ago

    Loki always

  76. Reality Breakers

    Reality Breakers3 days ago

    Could the small city hidden in the Quantum Realm in Antman actually be the TVA city which allows it to exist between the time vortexes. This is how they can access everything. Also the tech created by Stark is what kicked off time travel. The TVA is using a future model of this. The sacred timeline consists of this and the upcoming movies to lead to the sacred time line being created. This is why Thanos was allowed to continue with his plan. It must always happen.

  77. Brian

    Brian3 days ago

    That's some behind the curtain Wizard of Oz BS. The Avengers can mess with the timeline but Loki grabbing the Tesseract because the Avengers messed with the timeline nope can't do that.

  78. Good Gamer clips #1

    Good Gamer clips #13 days ago

    Hey I love your vids

  79. John Poe

    John Poe3 days ago

    I was honestly surprised at how different this version of Loki is

  80. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith3 days ago

    Anyone else catch the "sign here" guy with solitaire on his computer screen?

  81. Chris Nordstrom

    Chris Nordstrom3 days ago

    I can see Loki swiping several infinity stones and escaping into a timeline somewhere. He could be the cause of the multiverse.

  82. Ryan

    Ryan3 days ago

    I loved this show.

  83. Lala Loza

    Lala Loza3 days ago

    I can’t wait until they have incursions in the mcu😩 If that ever happens I’d be excited to see who they put in the Illuminati

  84. slimik shady

    slimik shady3 days ago

    It was crazy how they said they use the infinity stones like paperweights lol

  85. bernard reid

    bernard reid3 days ago

    This is epic. My wife and I watched it again to get understanding on why the time authorities didn’t stop the avengers

  86. Genesis Kayle

    Genesis Kayle3 days ago

    Hmmm I wonder when they'll bring up the time twisters...

  87. mrsaplatt

    mrsaplatt3 days ago

    Missed Loki!

  88. Aidan Quinn

    Aidan Quinn3 days ago

    yo, i been waiting for doom forever. idk if hes coming soon but itd be mad funny if loki finds out doom and owen reese were running the time police

  89. Mark Harvey

    Mark Harvey3 days ago

    Just subscribed thought I had already

  90. BayAreaHD

    BayAreaHD3 days ago

    I was confused from the airplane scene at first. Watching the episode again definitely helped. Omg Easter eggsss

  91. Aaron Jenkins

    Aaron Jenkins3 days ago

    Can’t wait to see where the series goes.

  92. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Loki series can also be a lead up to secret wars.

  93. Oni Chan

    Oni Chan4 days ago

    Were they actually infinity stones also in so confused on why Loki is being judged for a crime committed by the avengers but the most confusing thing is no matter how you slice it captain America still made a alternate timeline so shouldn't he be on trail

  94. Naol Erena

    Naol Erena3 days ago

    That because the show is retarded and completely broke the MCU and Loki's character development the Avengers should be standing in trial and should be killed I mean "reset" as they call it and there entire timeline too. Everyone in these comment section is retarded except you and me congrats!

  95. stanczak chris

    stanczak chris4 days ago

    Does anyone else think that the reason why all of this is supposed to happen is because it is one giant loop, meaning so is the secret multiverse war, so the version of loki that is killing all of these tva agents is all supposed to happen, which in turn creates the alternate timelines and creates the war, and the war that is in the past, is actually in the future.

  96. Mounir Billi

    Mounir Billi4 days ago

    is that dr doom in the last scene ???

  97. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu4 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston acting was awesome. Heartbreaking, when loki was crying for frigga's death.

  98. Glenn Thorne

    Glenn Thorne4 days ago

    Have a feeling 6 episodes wont be enough

  99. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu4 days ago

    Loki series may lead to the appearance of Kang in Antman and wasp Quantamania.

  100. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu4 days ago

    Hope to see time keepers in the series.

  101. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu4 days ago

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