MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE REVEAL OFFICIAL TRAILER Fantastic Four, Black Panther 2, Eternals First Look

The entire MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE all trailers footage and new series announcements for disney plus, all footage shown at the Disney Investors Day meeting. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege reveals all new titles and talks about the upcoming marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies and disney + shows....

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  1. Martin Christensen

    Martin ChristensenDay ago

    Cannot wait for this to come out this year!!

  2. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    Hopefully we'll get more than just namor

  3. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Captain America shield references were there.

  4. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    The scene, eternals using the powers was so cool.

  5. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Waiting to see black knights suit.

  6. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Want to see celestials in next trailer.

  7. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    Eternals movie may give a lead up to namor.

  8. Elcey Prabhu

    Elcey Prabhu3 days ago

    The vfx shots were cool. All the shots were live and effective.

  9. Javier Logreira

    Javier Logreira3 days ago

    comic giveaway

  10. Papa Rome

    Papa Rome3 days ago

    Sick trailer! Just makes me mad I cant watch right now!

  11. J Ruiz

    J Ruiz4 days ago

    Cant wait.

  12. Iron

    Iron4 days ago

    That kid really could be Namor

  13. Shindara Oyelusi

    Shindara Oyelusi4 days ago


  14. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan Palmer5 days ago

    This movie looks good!

  15. Dark_Files lockemup

    Dark_Files lockemup5 days ago


  16. Chris Villarreal

    Chris Villarreal8 days ago

    Young namor!

  17. DragonsWake

    DragonsWake8 days ago

    Can't wait


    Jack ANDREEVSKI8 days ago

    PS5 Giveaway please

  19. Vicente Duvivier

    Vicente Duvivier9 days ago

    Namor... woohoo

  20. Sean Alvarado

    Sean Alvarado9 days ago

    Namur is one of the best antihero in the MCU.

  21. stewart lowe

    stewart lowe13 days ago

    this is looking real good 👍

  22. Richard Basile

    Richard Basile13 days ago

    Loving all the ancient civilizations.


    GAMINGWITHCRASH13 days ago


  24. Mateo Guzman

    Mateo Guzman13 days ago

    Hi love your channel

  25. MrBwyatt1

    MrBwyatt114 days ago

    This is going to be a great spin for the MCU.

  26. J. Howard Burke

    J. Howard Burke14 days ago

    Easter Eggs before Easter

  27. Loutzenheiser

    Loutzenheiser14 days ago

    Can't wait to see Kit Harrington in full Black Knight garb.

  28. Ray Crivello

    Ray Crivello14 days ago

    Cant wait for Namor

  29. mysterious gaming

    mysterious gaming14 days ago

    PS5 are you a scalper? There hard to get ahold of

  30. Genesis Kayle

    Genesis Kayle15 days ago

    Namor makes sense. Ahh I really hope your Atlantis theory is right, that’s pretty exciting

  31. Captain Dragon Slayer King

    Captain Dragon Slayer King15 days ago

    I havent heard about the Eternals since in Guardians of The Galaxy movie like that was my first time

  32. Chris Garritano

    Chris Garritano15 days ago

    I wonder if this is like infinity saga pt. 2 or if it will add more and set up the next bad guy

  33. Sayak's Been Here

    Sayak's Been Here16 days ago

    Good stuff. I need the console

  34. Brayden Maine

    Brayden Maine16 days ago

    I think the kid might be Namor or possibly an ancestor

  35. wavyboiK

    wavyboiK17 days ago

    I've been waiting for this movie😔

  36. bruce wayne

    bruce wayne17 days ago

    Cool 😎

  37. B Aggie

    B Aggie17 days ago

    Such a good breakdown!

  38. EusebioBermea

    EusebioBermea17 days ago

    Namor, a long time coming

  39. G M

    G M17 days ago

    This looks so amazing. I can't wait for this!

  40. Tyler Barber

    Tyler Barber17 days ago

    I loved the trailer

  41. Christopher Tomlinson

    Christopher Tomlinson17 days ago

    pick me

  42. Noah Puckett

    Noah Puckett18 days ago

    Anyone who is smart would subscribe to you! Your literally the John Jonah Jameson Jr. of the MCU! And who doesn’t love to hear your theories?!

  43. Alex Rios

    Alex Rios19 days ago

    I am so ecstatic to see more adventures with my favorite Marvel characters!

  44. Evelyn Pichardo

    Evelyn Pichardo19 days ago

    Cool 😎

  45. Dom Mayes

    Dom Mayes19 days ago


  46. Jose Flores Jr.

    Jose Flores Jr.19 days ago

    That is a good theory about Namor. Is he really that old?

  47. Walter Calixto

    Walter Calixto19 days ago

    I'm excited for this. Can't wait

  48. TheRobertenvy

    TheRobertenvy19 days ago

    This was everything

  49. Jacob Wolf

    Jacob Wolf19 days ago

    The beginning.

  50. Robert Wissmann

    Robert Wissmann19 days ago

    This movie looks pretty good

  51. time358

    time35819 days ago

    Still iffy about this movie

  52. Rob Bradley

    Rob Bradley20 days ago

    Set up before black panther 2

  53. luis sandoval

    luis sandoval20 days ago

    Yo i didn’t even notice that before! Would be so cool if that is kid namor

  54. Chris Nordstrom

    Chris Nordstrom20 days ago

    I can't wait for the Eternals. Have never really heard of them before.

  55. Greensaber- Gemini.

    Greensaber- Gemini.20 days ago

    I never heard of the eternals before but now that I seen the trailer and you made the video I definitely am going to watch the eternals. I know franchises are not connected but as long as it does not cross over between Jurassic Jurassic World Dominion I think I'll be happy watching the eternals.

  56. Austin Haglin

    Austin Haglin20 days ago

    Young Dane Whitman???

  57. Ed S

    Ed S20 days ago

    I heard Namor will be b;ack

  58. Bryce Smith

    Bryce Smith20 days ago

    I still don't understand the Eternals at all so I hope this video will help me understand.

  59. Tanner Mohlis

    Tanner Mohlis20 days ago

    I think this movie will be worthy the wait

  60. Martin Ocampo

    Martin Ocampo20 days ago

    The suits look so sick

  61. Kathy Browning

    Kathy Browning21 day ago

    Can't wait, my grandson would love this

  62. Travis Nash

    Travis Nash21 day ago

    Can’t wait for this movie

  63. Lil Fetus

    Lil Fetus21 day ago


  64. Harry Dresden

    Harry Dresden21 day ago

    Thank you China for messing up the world with Covid 19!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  65. Richard Anderson

    Richard Anderson21 day ago

    This movie is going to be nuts!

  66. Boss Pranks

    Boss Pranks21 day ago

    I have a strong feeling galactus will either be introduced or mentioned remember the cloud in the trailer that could be him

  67. Jim Myers

    Jim Myers21 day ago

    You are right about that kid, I think. If that IS Atlantis, then he is most likely a young Namor. Makes sense.

  68. 373719

    37371921 day ago

    well.. these guys look pretty good ... maybe the kid is a 'bad guy'..but then again, Namor started out as aFF villiann

  69. VRtechman

    VRtechman21 day ago

    There is huge community of people on USloft who like to watch videos on Cataclysms. They might find issue with these characters setting back and doing nothing multiple times. 😅

  70. Mel Hayes

    Mel Hayes21 day ago

    Awesome review!!!

  71. Marc Milky

    Marc Milky21 day ago

    Can't wait for this movie

  72. Vinny Trippetti

    Vinny Trippetti21 day ago

    I agree with you about atlantis, I was thinking the same thing.

  73. kakameng

    kakameng21 day ago

    Yeah that’s namOr !!! I saw that and said yup that be the prince of Atlantis !!

  74. Michael Hendrickson

    Michael Hendrickson21 day ago

    This is so awesome and going to tie everything together even more

  75. Jean-Francois Renaud

    Jean-Francois Renaud21 day ago

    Just thinking ,could Sprite have erase Namor memories too ? So we get Namor with amnesia in that fishing westcost village ?

  76. Scott Toupin

    Scott Toupin21 day ago

    This has the potential to be beyond EPIC!

  77. Rick Wells

    Rick Wells21 day ago

    What if that kid is En Sabah Nur, the first mutant. He was a young Egyptian who after coming across an Alien visitor, stole said visitor's ship/tech and became an "Eternal", as in living forever using the tech to transfer his consciousness into another body. I know he's most likely a young Namor because they want to bring Namor into the MCU, but it would still be cool if he was a nod to the eventual rise of Mutants or at least if they acknowledged some other young En Sabah Nur in the movie.

  78. Nerdtooine And a Movie Podcast

    Nerdtooine And a Movie Podcast21 day ago

    This is going to be awesome. It's funny though the trailer didn't make more excited for it though...that Shang-Chi trailer still has me the most hype!

  79. Nyhousedancer7

    Nyhousedancer721 day ago

    Bro, her Name is pronounced "THEENA" not thennna

  80. Alex Bravo

    Alex Bravo21 day ago

    The song, the people, then the ship full of super-powered being. 😍🥰

  81. Ilijes Peters

    Ilijes Peters21 day ago

    The trailer looks something between guardians of the galaxy and spartacus

  82. Omer Dizmen

    Omer Dizmen21 day ago

    Great detail

  83. ryan boisa

    ryan boisa21 day ago

    Nice jobe

  84. Zfresh Prince

    Zfresh Prince21 day ago

    The kid's name is Zayn Alrafihi he is a Syrian refugee and stared in the Cannes film festival award winning lebanes movie Capernaum in 2018.

  85. Jeff Henning

    Jeff Henning22 days ago

    Ready for Namor to make an appearance.

  86. zoobva zoobvador

    zoobva zoobvador22 days ago

    Love the viddddd 10/10

  87. Humberto Gonzalez

    Humberto Gonzalez22 days ago

    Moon Knight!!

  88. Christian De La Cruz

    Christian De La Cruz22 days ago

    Could Namor really be that old?

  89. T Malin

    T Malin22 days ago

    Waiting for the Eternals.

  90. Ebenezer1567890

    Ebenezer156789022 days ago

    This looks so good!!

  91. Rob Ryder

    Rob Ryder22 days ago

    This film will be epic

  92. Quady

    Quady22 days ago

    Lovely breakdown, I’m exited for the movie to relaese

  93. Donyae Ponder

    Donyae Ponder22 days ago

  94. Stefan Platt

    Stefan Platt22 days ago



    ENGLISH EDUCATION22 days ago

    This movie will change the superhero genre

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  97. Shaun Moore

    Shaun Moore22 days ago

    Great content🔥

  98. Krishauna Nine

    Krishauna Nine22 days ago

    this movie looks awesome and i love that cast!!

  99. Vihang Desai

    Vihang Desai22 days ago

    Finally, I can't wait to see this in theaters and I can't wait to see if this movie explains other movies and where they were during infinity war and endgame. Finally, indian representation in movies. I so want that ps5. I think they are trolling us regarding namor.

  100. Jeremy Stevens

    Jeremy Stevens22 days ago

    It could be so good, but also could just go off the cliff.