Spider-Man No Way Home Act 1 LEAKED (SPOILER WARNING)

Spider-Man No Way Home Act 1 LEAK (SPOILER WARNING)


As we eagerly await the Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer (2021) from Sony entertainment... a brand new industry insider Daniel Ritchman update on the spider-man 3 plot and script, as well as character version updates for Willem Defoe and Thomas Hayden Church Norman Osborn Green Goblin and Sandman....
Spider-Man 3 cast adds CHARLIE COX Dare Devil alongside MAJOR confirmations for Spider-Man 3, Dr. Octopus Alfred Molina, Kisten Dunst MJ, Emma Stone Gwen Stacey, and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man now ALL CONFIRMED for Sony and Marvel Studios Spider-Man 3 Spiderverse... Spider-Man 3 trailer teaser from SONY ENTERTAINMENT still set to air this month? A brand new, realistic plot leak, foretold some enormous confirmed elements like Dr. Strange and Kraven the Hunter.... Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield back in a spider-verse Sony Live Action for Spider-Man 3 from the Marvel, making cannon both old spider triologies from SONY and tie-ing them to the marvel cinematic universe.... seriously, SONY can not drop the official teaser trailer for the new Spider-Man 3 Spiderverse fast enough....

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    It just occurred to me, that they may be holding the trailer for after Loki's debut, because of the explanation of the multiverse the first episode will clear out. Maybe that's also the reason they moved the series for Wednesday.

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    I wonder how they are gonna bring some of them back. Green Goblin and Doc Oc both died at the end of the movie

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    This movie is going to be insane I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters.

  42. Sean Nelligan

    Sean Nelligan12 days ago

    Very interesting, I can't wait to see how much is true. Tons of huge ideas with the multiverse and bringing back past characters and a lot of it sounds messy or convoluted compared to other mcu movies but I feel like I trust their track record to nail it and actually make it work. I just wonder how much of a hand in things Sony has creatively because venom was nowhere near the mcu standard and the sequel likely won't be either so it makes me question everything they're doing with this, Mobius, and now Kraven. (Sony didn't even realize they cast a former mcu actor as Kraven 🤣)

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    Villains who have died in the Maguire and Garfield -verses: 1. Norman Osborn (Green Goblin I) [already seemingly confirmed] 2. Dr. Octopus [pretty much confirmed confirmed] 3. Venom (Topher Grace) [no news and please no??] 4. Harry Osborn (Green Goblin II) [no news] 5. Lizard [no news] 6. Electro [confirmed] So it looks like half are confirmed and all for the pattern. If it would be too cringey to use Topher’s Venom, they could swap out Mysterio if he actually died, or same thing for Harry Osborn if 2 Green Goblins is redundant.

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    RPK has confirmed that Lizerd will join the cinester six in Spiderman no way home.

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    I definitely think Vulture will be a part of this movie and the upcoming Sinister 6. They've teased him too much/given him too much material for him not to come back for No Way Home

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    I just hope Marvel keeps up the steam and doesn't disappoint. I'm hoping the house of mouse doesn't get too involved like they appear to be doing with Deadpool 3.

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    The Sinister Six: Spider-Man: Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus The Amazing Spider-Man: Electro MCU Spider-Man: Vulture, Scorpio, Mysterio

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    Spiderman 3 opening scene leaked script Ext day a marriage function near a lake Peter is marrying Mj Priest:Do you, Peter Parker, take Misheal as your lawful wedded wife? Peter: I do. Priest : To have, to hold, to love, cherish, honor, and protect? Peter: I do. Priest: To shield from terrors known and unknown, to lie, to deceive... Peter : [confused] What? Priest : ...to lead a double life, to fail to prevent her abduction, erase her identity, force her into hiding, take away all she has known... Peter : [turns to the priest] Stop. Priest : ...in a selfish, futile, fleeting attempt... Peter : Stop. Priest : ...to escape your own true self? Peter: Please, stop! Priest: And, Misheal do you choose to accept? Peter :Don't. Mj: I do. Peter: No! [turns back to the priest, who is revealed to be Quentin Beck] Beck: You should have killed me, Peter [a nuclear explosion suddenly occurs, vaporizing eveyone]

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    The plot for Spider-Man (the trailer) posted on Spanish was translated: The fbi will break into Peters house framing him for “murder” because mysterio framed him. Then Peter surrenders and aunt may looks scared. It then for most of the trailer shows Peter on the streets, then doctor strange comes out. Then it could cut back to aunt may crying I personally don’t think tobey or Andrew will appear in the teaser but I want them to appear on the movie

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